what is this game all about?

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this game caught my attention since the first trailer, but till now i have no idea what this game is talking about, as far as i can tell it's a disease spread all over the area and u have to survive, but after the "preacher trailer" it's start to seem like an anger of god hit the area, any one would like to share what he know about the game.

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Well first off, it is the sequel to the survival-horror fps game, Metro 2033 (Which is the only successful game I know of that is based off of a novel). It takes place in post-apocalyptical Russia (nuclear war occured). Mankind now lives underground in the "metro" stations struggling to hold on to existance. The radiation and the apocalypse brought about these strange, terrifying mutants monster things and of course, they just love to ravage metro stations and fs up. The prequel, Metro 2033, is easily one of the best games I have ever played. Being based off a novel, the story is amazing. Gameplay-wise, the game is still fantastic, and the graphics on pc are just flat out stellar. It is widely regarded as having some of the best, if not THE best graphics out of any pc game available to this day. The only game that a few people sometimes say has better graphics would be Crysis, and even then, only handfulls of people think Crysis has better graphics :P. I highly reccomend buying Metro 2033 when you get a chance. I believe it costs around $20 on Steam and can go down to about $5-10 during a sale. Then, if you enjoyed it half as much as I did, go preorder the soon-to-come sequel, Metro: Last Light :D. P.s. The movie rights were grabbed by MGM, so a movie is hopefully on its way.
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thanks man for the good info's u gave me, despite i haven't played this game before but it seems a good fps game and now i want to buy it even more, and what is better than a good FPS game, is to have a good story behind it.

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i haven't played any of the series. will it have high graphics. GT 240 1gddr5 I3 530 2.93ghz 6gb ram
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(Which is the only successful game I know of that is based off of a novel).lxdrpepperxl
There's the successful game S.T.A.L.K.E.R. that was based loosely on a novel. Not trying to be a twat, just felt like mentioning since it's another FPS that's very similar in general to Metro. Some may like it more actually with the right mods it's less linear and you get more freedom and control over your character/gear though it's less "cinematic".