Weird Glitch on High Vs VERY HIGH

#1 Posted by j17neo (437 posts) -

The game still looks good on HIGH which is where I have to play it. But has anyone noticed the glitch... When you play on VERY HIGH, the fume effects (that of steam from stoves, and generators, the tips of flame throwers, even the rain dribbling down the mask) they all look fine (on very high), but as soon as you set it on HIGH, or any other lower setting, they all become BLOCKY, like to the point where it's OBVIOUSLY not suppose to look that way at all.

That should be fixed, because it's VERY distracting. x.x

The best way to describe it, is that everything looks like jelly-smoke. lol.

Let me know if anyone has seen that and fixed it.

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can be fixed by using dx9.

Force alternate renderer as a fix Navigate to %LOCALAPPDATA%\4A Games\Metro LL\ and open user.cfg with text editor. Locate line r_api and change it to r_api 0 for DirectX 9 renderer. Change user.cfg to read-only to prevent the game overwriting changes.