Shadow ranger help question( SPOILER ALART!!!!!!!!!!!)

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The achievement says. do not kill a human unless forced. What do they mean unless forced? I am at the final level in D6

#2 Posted by rgdfglfhgkh (62 posts) -
unless some1 shoot u 1st
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Its is diffucult to do that but i find that to get that achievement play on easy and if ur caught run around and knock people out even if theyre shooting you
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There is no conclusive answer to that unless 4a or Deep Silver answer it. The best bet is simply not to kill anyone except the flame thrower guy on D6, the final level. Everyone else requires stealth bypass or knock them out. The Chase (railcar) sequence and Red Square are the the toughest areas to do this in, but I did them in Ranger mode - didn't kill anyone - took a bunch of trys, but got it.