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I have a question about starting a new game on ranger hardcore for those of you who have beaten it. Does doing that erase your entire game progress and wipe the whole thing clean? As in if I decide to call it quits and play on an easier difficulty in a later level, all my chapter select will be erased?

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I think so, yes.


I like the lack of HUD and increased difficulty of Ranger Mode, but one thing pisses me off a bit: You have no idea how much ammo you are carrying. Even in the inventory screen there is no ammo count. Thats not realistic.....

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how do you pull up your inventory?

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how do you pull up your inventory?




I don't think you can.....thats the whole point of Ranger mode I guess.  You pretty much have to know where everything is off the back.

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Cool But I cant find my gernades, I know I have them but I cant figure out how to throw em. lol, sucks Im trying to get into the church in the swamps and a gernade would help tremendously.

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Not sure what system you are on but on the 360 you hold your weapon select button, Y by default, and then press left on the D pad to select grenades. To throw them tap the right shoulder button. Up on the D pad selects throwing knives. Down selects Claymore mines, and Right selects Incendiary grenades. Make sure you are holding the weapon select button because otherwise the D pad has other functions. Some of this can change slightly depending on the controller config you select in the options menu. If you look in the manual that came with the game it shows everything clearly there. The manual is very helpful for ranger mode. 

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Thanks man, still gettin whipped on by the big green shrimp

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Default key for inventory on PC is Tab, sucks if Ranger Mode can't access that. How would you even know how to budget your mil spec ammo for purcahses if you have no clue how many you have?

Can anyone confirm that you can't even see your inventory in Ranger Mode? I'm skeptical about that.

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Confirm, The only time you see your ammo count is when you make purchases at the store. Its really not that bad though, play stealthy use your knife, always collect ammo and whe you need it youll have it.

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Yes you can see ammo levels when pressing TAB in Ranger Mode.

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LOL, well someone's wrong, and I don't have my crystal ball with me.

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I'm playing it right now and I can see ammo levels inTAB mode on Ranger. Airman is wrong. 

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Ok, well what would the tab button be on the xbox.

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It's looking like this is a mix of everything that has been said. The link to th echat just posted above echoes what was said about being able to see ammo with TAB, but only when at shops. I also found the comments about gun model design correct as I recall. Most weapons show the amount of loaded ammo on the weaopn itslef if you look closely. It only shows clip vs reserve ammo of course, but it can help you plan reloads.

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Right thats exactly what I said in my first post, you can see your ammo when your at a shop or making purchases. The ability to see your clip helps at times, but you can't see all guns clips very well.

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Duh! What a dumba** I am! You are right airman, you can't see ammo except at shops. What I was seeing was the military bullet count. Sorry for the confusion.

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Yes you can see ammo levels when pressing TAB in Ranger Mode.

The only ammo you can see in Ranger mode is MGR. In towns you can see ammo count but nowhere else. You can see grenades, mines etc but not ammo.