Problem in the chapter heading towards venice with trackcar

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Hi guys I apologize for my bad english. However I didn't find any solution in german. So I just thought I should try it hear... I received the "trackcar" and was heading to venice. Some how I got stuck at then end of the track with the wagon i pushed for a while on the right track and the left track is barricaded with wood... I don't find a way out there... I tried everything, but somewhen I just run out of air and become dog-food ;) Please give me a hand to let me get out of that misery... Thanks Kris
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Hold shift and use the car to break through the wooden path

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reverse the railcar backwards until you see the junction box on the right side of the track before the track splits into two, change the tracks to the left hand side and the railcar will smash through the wooden barricade, hope that helps. jim
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"For God's sake use some ingenuity Jim, it's a video game, not med school where they show you how to do everything!"


Sorry, just a wee joke Star trek style for fun. LOL