pavel wont move maybe slight spoiler pc version

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anyone having the same problem after the plane you kill a bunch of monsters then pavel shouts follow me and just stays at the corner not entering the theater anyone have same issue or know what to do? cheers

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Damn!!! I have the same problem. Played just fine up until chapter 7, a little after the airplane crash scene. Yeah, he just stands there, and no matter what, he won't move. I tried pushing him, even shooting him, but he just loiters around the same spot. I expected today's patch 1.06 would resolve this, but no! WTF?
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i know its really boiling my piss then updated changed to russian and lost my game saves i know where they are just wont recognise them hate starting agian simular thing happened to me in far cry 3 few hours in im like grrr

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i got the same problem but on the xbox 360
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I contacted Koch Media about this and got the following reply.

"Please re-start the current chapter and try again. You can choose chapters from the game's main menu. Usually you can solve problems like this by just playing the last chapter again."

I tried it and it actually worked!!! I know, it's not the best solution, but at least this way we can go on playing until this is properly addressed with a patch.

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just fyi, sometimes backtracking and moving again next to pavel fixes this issue.

its like the PC expects you to follow a pattern of waypoints to lead  Pavel.

if you skip or go too far or too close when its animation starts.. it doesnt trigger..


particularly usual when pavel has to "help" you to advance (catacombs, echoes..etc..)

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There was a spot for me on my 2nd play through where Khan got stuck and wouldn't move forward, but when I went to the door I knew he was suppoed to go to, he warped there ahead of me. (PC version)

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I had the same problem, and you shouldnt' try waiting him or anything, he won't move, you should just redo the chapter, it fixes the second run. Not a game ruining bug really. ^.^