Did anyone free the prisoners?

#1 Posted by Sora278 (1495 posts) -

From the gas chamber at the start?  I looked for the lever but could not find it.

#2 Posted by thuglove2005 (96 posts) -

yes I did got ac

#3 Posted by ghstbstr (8789 posts) -

I was able to free the prisoners on the PC version when I played some of it, but I was unable to do it on the Xbox 360 version because a I wasn't given the press "X" next to the switch.

#4 Posted by Drew1333 (40 posts) -

ya i did.

#5 Posted by Sora278 (1495 posts) -

So you can... now I have to start over! DX

#6 Posted by Dasim64 (3853 posts) -

I did. The switch is in a control room at the top of the cell block. I heard them being released but didn't notice anything else happening because of it.

#7 Posted by leonardobaker (381 posts) -

Saved em, all of em...yup...