Anyone find the Night Vision Goggles yet?

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I've been playing quite some time in this game; about 4 hours in.  Does anyone know where you find the Night Vision goggles?

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You get it when you pas the church, looking for Anna and the Dark one.

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i found them in the building on the way to the church.

its at the table where the radio signal is coming in.

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Do the night vision googles work for yall, it seems to not make a bit of difference. I am using them in the catacombs right after teh church and there is no difference on and off. (I am playing on pc)

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Somewhere towards Venice in an enemy base I came across both an AK and a pump rifle with night vision sights on them. No goggles but the sights are extremely helpful in the dark tunnels.

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Ok found them in a broken down house in the swamp on the way to the church. Also found a pair not too far past that point on a table and they are very obvious and hard to miss. Make sure you have your battery charged up or they will not work. 

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ive seen that while the ps3 has scrren tair the pc has a great deal of bugs.

including the fact that the night vision goggles dont allways work along with some bad AI.

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Are they good for anything? I found them in Venice, but I'm playing in Ranger Hardcore mode and I don't know how to select them.
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Yeah the house to the left at the start of the Nightfall level before you get to the church is the first place to find them I think, roughly 58% of the way into the game. 

However there are also some very good night scope weapons you can find in early chapters, one of the best being a silenced SMG that has a rather large NV scope.

I found the silenced SMG with the large NV scope and goggles in that house in Nightfall my first play through, but missed them on my second, which made Undercity a lot more suspenseful, but still doable.

Actually what was tougher was some of the battles with humans, where I blew stealth a couple times due to the lack of the NV scope.

The way the first half of the game is designed, when on higher difficulty modes it kinda tempts you to just set up from a distance and use the silenced SMG with the big NV scope instead of trying to use stealth, becasue on hard modes if you break stealth with enmies nearby that you're trying to sneak past, you can quickly be shot dead.

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yeah make sure to charge them by holding F and clicking LMB, actually took me a while to figure that out.