Very over rated...

User Rating: 5 | Metro 2033 X360
I will get this out of the way. The graphics are nice. Real nice. If graphics alone made a game then sure I would score Metro a 9/10 as many reviewers have. However, game play should always take precedence over graphics. And the gameplay just isn't much fun. The gunplay/shooting feels like a 5 year old game, a 5 year old game with wonky hit detection. The stealth is nearly broken and gave me Call of Cthulhu flashbacks. I have played games with more/better atmosphere on my old Xbox. The story is not as epic and the game is not as immersive as people would like you to believe. The game is short so if you are just dying to play it why not rent it.
Good luck finding any "bad" reviews. A popular mail order game rental site had at least one negative review posted yesterday but curiously enough it is gone today (and no, it was not offensive or anything like that).