LOL can be a blast under the right conditions, but those conditions are just too hard to come by without any online play

Someone at Agetec Inc. is truly an idiot. Even more disturbing than this person's stupidity is the fact that none of his coworkers noticed how absurd this man's plans were. LOL is a multiplayer-only game for the Nintendo DS and it completely lacks wifi play. The problems should be obvious. First off, making a multiplayer-only game without wifi play is an absolute no-no nowadays. Secondly, the fact that this wifi-less multiplayer-only game is on a handheld, one that requires multiple people to willingly bring their DS's into the same room to play a game called "LOL," is even worse. I can't stress how little practicality there is to this title.

At its core, everything done in LOL can be replicated with Pictochat, a piece of paper and a clock with a seconds hand. All of these things are already present in most households that have a DS. The game basically has one of its players come up with a topic, then everyone draws, writes, or does whatever they can think of, to satisfy the topic. If you and your friends are even the slightest bit creative or funny, then you're guaranteed to enjoy your time here. At the end of each round, everyone votes for their favorite submissions and at the very end of the game, the player who won the most games wins overall. It's simple, it's stupid, but it's really, really, really fun if played with friends. Playing with yourself and another person is okay, playing with two other people is better, but the game truly shines when played with four people.

However, when will you get four willing people to congregate with their DS's to play a glorified version of Pictochat? Let's face it, never. It's a shame that the conditions to enjoy this game are so unobtainable because it really does have great qualities.

Overall, LOL isn't worth its cheap $20 price tag. Everything done in this game can be done for free if you already own a DS and the lack of online multiplayer is the real deal-breaker. It's just too difficult to get a good game of LOL going, even if the going games are fantastic. Hopefully a wifi-enabled sequel will come by at some point, because that game might be a must-buy.