Own a DS? Own this.

User Rating: 9.8 | Meteos DS
When this game first came out, I was interested but not enough to warrant me going out to buy it. I regret that move. My brother recently got the game for Christmas and I'm the one that hasn't been able to put it down!

At first, you may think that the fact that the game is a puzzle game that has story would make it a horrible failure. You'd be wrong. Though slightly lame, you'll quickly get over it once you start actually playing. The game is absolutely incredible. There's so much diversity and so many unlockables that it suddenly feels as though you're just playing an ordinary puzzle game.

The gameplay is awesome. This game perfectly utilizes the stylus and the touch screen. Though you can play the game with the buttons, it's definitely not as effective or as fun. The diversity keeps you interested, providing differently shaped Meteos and gravity as well as different music and backgrounds depending on which planet you're on. The music is alright in general, but stellar when you consider that this is after all, a puzzle game. The replayability of this game is immeasurable. The learning curve depends on the individual playing the game. Personally, I was good to go in about half an hour. Regarding the graphics, watch the opening video. Enough said. The graphics are sweet.

All in all, this game is absolutely amazing. It's a puzzle game but don't let that turn you off. This game is definitely worthy of your attention and your hard-earned money.