An amazing colection of the best run n' gun games to hit the arcades

User Rating: 8 | Metal Slug Anthology PSP
I got this game and it was the first time I ever played a metal slug game, and I loved it! This is still one of my favorite games to this day and I've beaten them all multiple times.

The good: 7 games for the price of one, you can unlock cool concept art and music from the games, all the games are infinatly replayable, controles are great, the game looks just as good as it did in the arcade.

The bad: VERY hard in parts, some of the games aren't as good as the others, metals slug X is just a remake of 2.

I am obbsesed with everything from the 80's, arcades, music, movies, everything, and it sucks that I couldn't grow up then, so whenever i see a colection of classic arcade games, i buy it, and this one dosen't dissapoint! The game includes metal slug 1,2,X,3,4,5, and 6. That;s a perfect reason to buy it right there, 7 games in one! And most games feature multiple pathways and hidden areas and you'll need to play the games over to find them all. And beating the games gives you tokens that you can use to unlock concept art that's really cool, and even the soundtrackts to most of the games, which feature some great songs.
The games also looks great, there are three graphical options: oriognal is the best, but the screen is so small it's hard to see, 4:3 is the standard and still looks good, 16:9 is full screen, but it looks the worst of the three. The controles are great as well, however it's hard to aim and drive the metal slugs, or move while crotuching.
There are a few complaints I have whith this game: first they're all REALLY HARD!!! I know it's like this because it was ment to eat quarters, but some of the boss fights are just brutal! And some of the games (particuarlly 4 and 5) I just don't like as much as the other ones, And Metal slug X is just a remake of 2, featuring esentially the same leves with a few changes.
So overall If you love metal slug, run n' gun games, or classic arcade games, definetly pick this one up!