Some good old classic Metal Slug!...but what's with the unlimited continues???

User Rating: 7 | Metal Slug 4 & 5 PS2
There’s not really much I can say about this game, you get exactly what you’re expecting. You get Metal Slug 4 & 5, nothing more and nothing less. If you’re a fan of the series then you’ll definitely enjoy this game. If you like old-school classic games you’ll probably like this game, but don’t expect any changes to the original.

I, personally, am a fan of the Metal Slug series and did enjoy both games. While Metal Slug 4 feels like the originals, Metal Slug 5 feels different and refreshed. Though these aren’t the best in the series, they are in no way disappointing or boring to play. The only real problem I have with them is the fact that they have unlimited continues, which just doesn’t make any sense. At least give us the option to decide how many continues we actually want.

Just to give some idea of the games, the graphics seem very dated now though it doesn’t take away from the experience. I mean come on, it’s Metal Slug! The is nothing really too special and the controls are good though there was just something that bugged me, but I’m not exactly sure what. There really isn’t any change at all and whether that’s good or bad is all up to you.

Basically I recommend this game to anyone who seems interested in it. If you think you’ll like the game then you probably will because what you see it what you get. It gives a nice bit on nostalgia, which is always welcome in my book. Only thing I would have changed would be the absence of unlimited continues. When you think of the arcade do you think of being able to play a game until you beat it with a limitless bag of quarters, or having to figure out how to beat it with the money you got. I also want to clarify that my reasoning for the "very easy" difficulty rating is because of this reason. If you take the unlimited continues out of the picture then I would give it a rating of "just right".