Still Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I loved the first Guitar Hero on the ps2 and the second one, what made me buy the 360 version was the new download content and of course the re-design guitar. It's a bit annoying that it isn't wireless, but for myself it's not a big deal, my room is fairly small anyway, so I wouldn't have made much use of it anyway. The game is pretty much just the same as the ps2 version, apart from the characters look more realist graphics wise. A new song has been add to each section as you go through the single player in career mode and most of them are good. Guitar Hero can sometimes get a bit boring when you are playing it on your own, this is where having a friend with the 360 version comes in handed as well. Just like the ps2 version you can play co-op with both of you doing different parts of the song like one on the base and the other player doing lead. There is also face-off and pro face-off the only difference in these two modes is in pro face-off you both have to do it at the same difficulty level. In short if you have a 360 buy Guitar Hero 2.