The Best Sonic Trio Player Game

This game is definitely great! You get to play as three different characters at the same time. It was very easy for Amy Rose, Cream the Rabbit, and Big the Cat to go through the courses. It was moderate for Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, and Knuckles the Echidna to explore the adventures. It was difficult for Shadow the Hedgehog, Rouge the Bat, and E-124 Omega to go defeat the enemy bosses. And it was quite tricky for Espio the Chameleon, Charmy the Bee, and Vector the Crocodile to finish their missions. Basically, I like Team Dark rather than Teams Sonic, Rose, and Chaotix. Team Sonic performs a quick super attack towards a group of minor enemies. Team Rose becomes invulernable after the super attack. Team Dark can freeze time during the Chaos Control attack. And Team Chaotix earn more golden rings every time they perform the teamwork assault. The more rings you gather, the more power you earn the execute such an ultimate attack. That's why I like this game from GameCube.