Trailer observations POTENTIAL DUH! SPOILERS

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After watching the trailers there are a few possibilities which seem likely

1. Quiet is Sniper Wolf in her younger days. I actually think Sniper Wolf's death scene in MGS says a lot about what MGS5 will be about. Check it out here:

Her connection with Big Boss is made clear. Her being a Kurd, Big Boss being in Afghanistan matches up too. "The governments of the world turned a blind eye to our misery...But then he appeared ... My hero...Saladin...He took me away from all of that...I became a sniper..."

I think Big Boss will be forming his mercenary army here but this time with no ideals. Just dogs of war which he will charm with his charisma into thinking that their purpose is just and they are not dogs. But it will be just out of revenge on the world on make profit from war. He will justify it by saying that the young victims would not survive had he not given then a purpose, a raison de etre>

2. Eli the kid is, you guessed it.......Liquid Snake. He is described as a youth who curses his fate. His fate being his genes. Notice how much he looks like Kaz Miller who he impersonated later in MGS. Sounds like Liquid is a dead ringer for ELi to me. Liquid would have been nine at the time too.

"I'm just the leftovers of what they used to make you. Can you understand what it's like to know you are garbage since the day you were born?"

"But I'm the one father chose"

7+ mins in

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1. I don't know. Part of me agrees but there is a part that tells me no. You know what. Her "Hero" could be Liquid(Eli). Thus this is why she's with him in MGS1. It's all up in the air. 2. Agree fully. Why can't this game come any faster?!
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1. I don't think so. Her current timeline makes her a kid in 1988, when her family was killed. Of course, this could be retconned, but I'm not counting on it.

2. Yeah, without a doubt. It'll be interesting to see how he interacts with Big Boss during the game - will BB even know that Eli is his "son"?

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I'm starting to doubt that Quiet is Sniper Wolf because of what you stated with the timeline and also because Sniper Wolf did not have any supernatural abilities like Quiet potentially has with the disappearing mascara.

Eli however is definitely Liduid. YongYea's analysis video on youtube makes this clear:

In the Bible Jesse had 8 sons. Eliab being the oldest and David the youngest. Get it, 8 sons (The Les Enfant Terribles Project). The Oldest being Eliab(Eli) and the yougest being David. Hmm very interesting Huh?

Not only that but David the youngest becomes King. Eliab the oldest was surpassed because his nature was that he had a temper and was very jealous. Sound like someone we know huh?

Liquid: "You stole everything from me" Solid stole Liquid's birthright just like David stole Eliab's. Cha Ching Eliab is Liquid.

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Hi Tonic, good to see you're still around the boards.  After MGS4 came out it seems that many people just vanished.  Then again I haven't checked the boards in a long time, so I could be wrong.  This is a new account btw, in case you're wondering who the hell I am lol.  I dont even remember my old GF account info.

I agree about Eli and I really hope this is how it turns out.

... Sorry, but I know you pay more attention to meticulous details than most.  Maybe you can help me out with my topic regarding The Ends wheelchair?  If you have any knowledge about it please let me know!  


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Quiet can't speak right?