The Punished Snake Theory SOLVED

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So recently I came across a video detailing the fact that Punished Snake must be Frank Jaegar posing as a body double because he isn't voiced by David Hayter, he smokes electronic cigars in a windy desert that definitely wouldn't put a real cigar out, and wears an eyepatch with not two but /three/ straps.

My theory is that its probably the secret clone of BB that likes to smoke electric cigars and has a devil horn because inside he's a demon for reals and his theme song is animal i have become because he has a devil trigger when he gets 2 mad and then he extends his penis in a snake like manner and punishes his enemies and that's why he's called punished snake and the song is called sins of the father because his dad is really just Pope Benedickt and that's why Punished Snack likes children so much.

It took a lot of analysis but I think I got it.

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Nope. He's definitely Jaeger.