Snake Eater Fan Film

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I've been wanting to do a Metal Gear Solid fan film ever since I started making short films, but I knew that if I was going to do it that I'd want to do it justice. Prior to MGS, I was a casual gamer. When I first played the first Metal Gear Solid game, I was immediately drawn to it. It was the first game that went seamlessly from cut scene to action...tactical espionage action to be exact. MGS instantly became my favorite game, and the series remains to be my favorite series of games. I began writing a script for a feature(ish) length Metal Gear Solid film. Soon thereafter, I began researching methods of fundraising. I noticed that the more successful campaigns on fundraising websites had sample trailers or short sample videos of the video that they ultimately wanted to create. So this video here is that. It began as a quick little sample video, but then it evolved into what you see here. This short film is not 100% accurate to the game, the idea was to make something that is representative to the game, but with lack of funding we had to make many improvisations. Also, we know that Big Boss wouldn't technically be wearing the eye patch at this time, but we thought it looked cool for this short little film. The final boss is not representative of any actual boss in MGS3.

This short film was completely self funded. All the actors and crew were volunteer. So a huge thanks goes out to all those involved.