Miller cannot lose his arm and leg...

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The think we saw in the last trailer is weird. How can he lost an arm and leg if the official images of the orignal mgs were showing a "complete" miller LOL. Look at this:

And don't say things like "he was Liquid at that time", because that has nothing to do with it, Liquid was just imitating the voice and maybe showing his face. If he was amputee we would know and the official image would show it.

What do you guys think?

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In the universe of metal gear solid the awnser to every question regarding lost limbs is... augmentations.

Boss himself has a augmented arm and leg replacments, you can clearly see his red hand in the trailers and he states how he feels his lost limbs every night which is called 'Phantom pain' yet in the trailers hes moving just as well as he did with his orginal limbs. This game is set in a universe where even in the 80's replacment limbs were very very advanced.

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On top of what the guy/gal on top of me said. Look at ocelot's arm in MGS4. Looks real. Miller could of had the same procedures done so the arm and leg.
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I feel like it's been established that MGS was released in '98 and not everything is going to add up, it just isn't.

Not to mention that's just about the only full body picture of him.

Does it matter? Let's give Kojima some slack here, it's been painful enough knitting this sweater backwards.