Ground Zeroes will be released to Xbox.. is it ok for us? (PS3 users)

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I am definitely ok with it.. i want to hear other PS3 users. Metal Gear Solid has stayed for a long time, PS1, PS2, PS3 (i know Metal Gear is not a Sony Exclusive(?) ) and now Kojima released a MGS HD Collection for PS3 AND Xbox 360. and Ground Zeroes/Reveangance will be release in the near future. what if Xbox can't handle it. Are they gonna lower the settings and adjust to Xbox 360 ? or are they gonna keep going and push PS3's limits?  should we be happy about it? 


p.s i may sound a little greedy or a fanboy but i just wanted other's opinions like i said.. i'm truly ok about it. 

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Despite the amount of times you referenced being "okay" with it, as well as the fact that you made this topic in the first place kind of speaks otherwise.
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I guess yeah. A friend of mine is a XBOX user and played only one of the series (think it was MGS2) and now he want to trade the consoles with me for a while, so he can play all of em :)