Big Boss GOOD or BAD?

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Does Big Boss ever really become a "bad" guy, or are his actions just misundertood/skewed?  We know that he creates his own army/base, Outer Heaven, and they are considered terrorists or whatever, but are they really bad?

My point is Big Boss realized that governments exploited soldiers and used them to complete whatever objectives they needed and then discarded them.  He knew that cypher, and what would eventually be the patriots, controlled and influenced most governments and indirectly their soldiers.  I would make sense that Big Boss wanted to create his own military, that wasn't controlled by governemtns or cypher/patriots, and soldiers like hime couldn't be exploited.

Along the way, this act of branching out, may have been viewed by nations as some sort of "terrorism" and put Big Boss and Outer Heaven in a negative light.  Cypher/The Patriots could have even skewed Big Boss's uprising as terrorism becuase something like that was too far out of their control. 

I dont think Big Boss was neccesarily a bad guy, it just turned out for him that way after he tried to fight against control by creating Outer Heaven.

Just wanted to get your guys thoughts on this, and if anyone has any other info on this topic it would be great to hear.

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I would say he's a man with certain ideals, and will do what it takes to attain those ideals.


Does that make him evil?

I think he's more of an inspiration.

We all just want to acheive our goals.

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He was neither good or bad.