Stuck on Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake. Need grenades.

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I'm trying to beat this boss named Red Blaster, but apparently i need grenades to beat him. Thing is, i dont have any grenades. So i tried to get back out of the building to go back and get some from the first building, but  as far as i can tell there's no way back out. The way you get in is on the conveyor belt, and it starts you in a room full crates and there's no door back out. I tried using the front door, but i dont have the right key card to open it. I've been wandering around for like 2 hours and can't any other exits. Somebody please tell me I'm missing something because I really dont want to start all the way over.

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Sorry man, but you're going to have to start over. Did the same thing first time I played it.
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Wait, I'm not sure but I remember a kid on the 10th floor (first elevator) saying they were near a veranda to the south (second elevator). Not sure hot to get them once you're up there.