Help with "Transfaring" VR mission data between PS3-Vita (is it even p

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I understand how to "transfar" game data for the main storyline of MGS2, MGS3, And Peace Walker. As it is clear cut on how to do that. But how do you transfar VR missions? because after reading various threads about people doing VR missions between both versions. I am under the impression you can "transfar" VR Mission data ong MGS2 between PS3 and Vita. So am I missing something to figure out how to "transfar" my VR mission data? or is it not possible? Any and all help would be appreciated.


Also it would be appreciated if anyone knows if you can or cannot "transfar" data from Metal Gear 1 and Metal Gear 2 data off the MGS3 section between the vita and PS3. If you cannot thanks for letting me know. But if you can, please explain the process and thanks in advance for any help.