This is just like a Contra Remake with one of my favorite G.I. Joe's in it l personally like the game a lot.

I give this game the following scores

Graphics 7.5

Game play 8.0

Audio 7.5

Controls 8.0

Replay 8.5

I found that the G.I. Joe game is on par with what l thought it should be a fun mindless shooter that in fact is a fun co-op game.

The only downfall l find in it is the camera view sometimes doesn't show you the full screen of what your shooting at .

It reminds me sooo much of the old-school Contra game that l grew up and loved playing through over and over. but with one of my favorite all time cartoon's G.I. Joe . Them Transformers and He-Man were my favorites . I believe they did a great job on a Cartoon based off a movie into a game . I mean what do people expect Call of Duty graphics and game play come on lol. Its based off a 80's Cartoon and a B rated movie . I do not think a review score of 4.0 is valid here . at the least it deserved a 7.5 l see a lot of Garbage games come out and get a much higher score then this one.