Metal Gear Solid Online

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Anybody play this online if so add me and even if you dont just add me lol..Just bought a ps3 and Im tryna get new friends to link up with..... PSN Gamer Tag is------BRKLYNBOY917

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I would love to add you, but I can't even get online.  You need like 2 different accounts cause of konami's dumbass system of online.  Though I'd like to play.

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You dont have any online acess? And they just pulled the cord on MGO...=(

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You know if your looking for an online experience you should get the HD collection and play peace walker.  It's not pvp, but theirs 4 player co op and im always looking to play.  It's really a fantastic game, its a psp port but they have some things the other games shoulda had (one being normal online where you can just play).  My favorite thing is probably when your surrounded you can actually take them all out with CQC now, you will throw one to the ground and hit a button to move on to the next one.  You can chain like a bunch in, the most I've seen is 6.

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Ok sounds good Ima check it out lol...You have PS3? xBOX 360?

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Would you like to add me?

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Sure, snapperg

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I thought the MGS 4 online was shut down already.

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It is. The online part, is now off line.