"Who are the patriots"

User Rating: 10 | Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence (First Print Limited Edition) PS2
A revolutionary masterpiece, that's Metal gear Solid 3: Subsistence.
Why? just look at it's content. The original MGS3 Snake Eater, a perfect and smooth running on line Mode and lots of great extras and features, not just for fans but for everyone.
Ok, let's go through all main key elements.
MGS3 Snake Eater, the whole game. Do I have to tell you anything more, the best MGS game ever made, with the second best graphics ever released on the PS2 (best is God of War), wonderful 3D sound and realistic sound effects, stunning revolutionary stealth and silent assassin game play, wonderful character and level design. And now even a full free close 3D camera has been added to the original game, offering a totally new game play feeling, less jaggies because of closer look plus some great new difficulties, like the European extreme, which means "don't get caught, baby."
What else do you get for a wonderful low price. The MSX classics Metal Gear and Meta Gear 2, real 8 bit masterpieces telling you the story before MGS(PS one) and how Big Boss became Snakes worst enemy.
But the biggest new add on in this package is the on line mode, which offers classical game modes as well as stealth missions in the MGS3 universe.
Of course there a tons of other gizmos and extras, but better take a look at the full game spot review of this wonderful masterpiece of gaming brought to you by the mastermind himself, Hideo Kojima and his team at konami