Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Cheats For PS2

  1. Skip The End boss battle.

    After caves and after the river with the guards on the hovercrafts, enter the next area and a cutscene will begin. As soon as the cutscene ends pull out your SVD sniper rifle and aim it at The End in his wheelchair. Before he gets taken away, shoot the guard in the head, then shoot The End in the head a few times. If done corectly The End will say something and explode. Later in the game when you get to the jungle where the fight was supposed to be, you wont have to fight him and the jungle will be filled with guards from the Ocelot unit.

    Contributed by: habib is cool 

  2. Extra Cut Scenes

    When Snake is captured in the prison cell, do not eat the food the guard throws you. Instead, throw the food back out of the cell to the card. Continue to do this 2 more times for a total of 3 times and this will trigger a hidden cut scene.

    Contributed by: Absolut Carnage 

  3. Extra Waterfall Scene with Eva

    After you escape from the cell, don't use Cure to take out the transmitter in your back. If the transmitter is in you when you meet up with Eva behind the waterfall, there will be an extra very funny scene where she takes it out of you.

    Contributed by: zeoVGM 

  4. Eat The End's parrot

    In the cutscene that begins the battle against The End, his parrot flies away. Search the area using the Thermal Goggles and you will eventualy find a bird sitting in a tree or on a stump behind you. This is also a sign that The End is nearby. You can either kill the bird, which will trigger The End cursing your name and swearing revenge, or capture it. Either way the parrot still appears in the cutscene where The End dies. If you captured the bird, contact Para-Medic to have a conversation about the bird. It offers very little stamina but tastes good. If you killed or captured the bird, it also appears as a ghost during the battle against The Sorrow.

    Contributed by: volcansnake 

  5. The 3 Sons Snakes

    During the final battle with The Boss, equip the Thermal Goggles and search for 3 snakes in the field. These snakes are Snake Liquid, Snake Solid, and Snake Solidus. Anyone who has played 'Sons of Liberty' will notice that they are the names of the three 'Sons of Big Boss'. Each snake has a great taste and recovers a great amount of stamina.

    Contributed by: volcansnake 

  6. Taming The Bees

    After getting the hornet stripe camo (defeating The Pain via stamina kill) you have the ability to "tame" bees while wearing the hornet stripe uniform. Heres how you do it (while wearing hornet stripe camo): Shoot down a beehive while underneath it (or close enough to it so the bees fall NEAR you). The bees will then be swarming around you! Now go attack some enemys (or go near them) so they can feel the pain.

    Contributed by: Snake19 

  7. Call off alert

    When you are in alert mode, grab a guard and interrogate him. He might give a radio frequency you can call to call off the alert. After the alert is over, the frequency changes.

    Contributed by: Brett777 

  8. Zooming/Camera-panning During Cinemas

    At any time during a cut scene you can zoom in on the action by pressing the Triangle button. The harder you push it, the closer it zooms in. Also, while zoomed in you can pan the camera around using the left analog stick.

    Contributed by: Major Raikov 

  9. Extra information in Codec screen

    After so many calls, more "slideshow" images will open up for each person you talk to in your Codec. Each person has (at least) two additional personal information pages, usually accompanied by an interesting picture. To get this, call each person multiple times, after so many times, the images will open one at a time.

    Contributed by: HeeroAC195 

  10. Revolver Ricochet

    As demonstrated by Major Ocelot early in the game, the bullets on the Colt Single Action Army revolver are capable of ricocheting. Simply equip the SAA and fire at a non-volatile structure such as a rock formation, metal crate or wall and watch the bullet deflect off the surface. If mastered properly, this can be used to shoot enemies hiding behind structures or even around corners!

    Contributed by: PyroJames 

  11. Quick Draw Revolver Duel

    During the battle with Major Ocelot, if you unequip your current weapon and stand out in the open for a few seconds, there were be a secret cutscene where Ocelot accepts Snake's challenge for a quick-draw duel. Ocelot will then stand and face off against Snake and the game will automatically switch to First Person View. Quickly equip your weapon again and when you're ready, aim your weapon and fire! (The object of a quick draw duel is to draw your weapon first and fire but not cheat by drawing too early.)

    Contributed by: PyroJames 

  12. Revolver Freestyle Twirling Duel

    Similar to the Quick Draw duel. When you meet Major Ocelot at Bolshaya Past Crevice, simply equip the Single Action Army revolver but instead of firing, use the R3 button (Right Analog Stick) to twirl your revolver repeatedly. In a secret scene, Ocelot will then confront you and also twirl his revolver to show off his freestyle twirling tricks. Depending on how you twirl your revolver, he will compliment or criticize you accordingly.

    Contributed by: PyroJames 

  13. Bats in Cave

    In the cave, bats attack you if you run. But if you use the active sonar and send out a 'ping', the bats will stop coming after you. That is because bats use sonar to see, they attack the strange noises snake is making and using the sonar tricks them into thinking you are just another bat.

    Contributed by: MujariMojo 

  14. Starving and poorly equipped enemies

    Throughout the game, you will find several storehouses of food (Where you'll find items like Instant Noodles and Calorie Mates) and ammunition (Often where you find new weapons). If you have some TNT in your inventory, plant a piece inside a storehouse, stand back, and detonate it. You'll know the trick worked if the room becomes charred and black. If you do this to a food storehouse, enemies in the nearby screens will complain about their hunger, helping you detect them easily. If you destroy an ammo warehouse, guards will have only one clip of AK ammo, then they will switch to a pistol, and eventually they will have to use a knife.

    Contributed by: Janors 2 

  15. Poisoning Enemies

    Destroy a food storehouse and wait for the guards to start complaining about their hunger. Kill a poison animal (Such as a Poison Dart Frog) and equip it as a weapon. Throw it near a guard and he will eat it. In a few seconds he will collapse from the poison and die.

    Contributed by: bionuke118 

  16. The End's Mercy

    While fighting The End, climb a tree onto a ledge that is easily accessible to the old man. Lay down and take out your sniper rifle, go into first person, and search the trees, not necessarily looking for The End. You will eventually hear his footsteps behind you, but do not turn around. You will get a short cut scene where The End finds you and shoots you one with his rifle. Instead of killing you he says that you don't deserve to die that easily. He then proceeds to pick Snake up and carry him to the nearby jail where he will eventually awaken.

    Contributed by: greenmage03 

  17. The End starts the battle with less Health/Stamina

    If you shoot The End with the SVD (sniper rifle) at the Ponizovje Docks, but DO NOT kill him (he'll wheel himself through the red door), he will start with less Health/Stamina when you fight him later in the game.

    Contributed by: Faust Orinitia 

  18. Volgin's lightning

    When fighting Col. Volgin throw a Russian glow cap and it will absorb his lightning attacks for a little bit.

    Contributed by: TheBiggerBoss 

  19. Snake’s dream

    When Snake gets puts in the jail cell. Save the game and turn the system off. Turn it back on and go to your saved game file. Load it and you will see a mini-game were you are this Zombie hunter guy and you can go around and kill zombies.

    Contributed by: GunBladeMan 

  20. Parrot to your advantage

    During your battle with The End, if you capture his parrot (use a tranquilizer pistol) and then set it free, the parrot will squawk and circle over The End’s head; revealing his sniper position and allowing you to shoot him. After you shoot him, The End will then relocate and you can recapture the parrot and repeat this method until The End is defeated. If you find it difficult to recapture the parrot, move to another Sokrovenno area and then return and the parrot should be perched at one of its usual spots. If you find it difficult to spot the parrot circling over The End, use your directional microphone and listen for The End scolding his [loud mouth] parrot.

    Contributed by: PyroJames 

  21. Defeat The End easily

    When you enter the fighting area for the first time, save your game and quit. Go into the clock settings of your PS2 hardware and set the clock forward a couple of years. Load up the game and you will find that The End has died from old age!!

    Contributed by: stonalisa 

  22. Fun with guards

    When dressing up as Major Raikov, you can get away with hitting enemies etc and they won't touch you. PLUS, you can also trigger the alert alarm by pressing triangle near one of the red alarm stations, this will send two or more guards to your area, where you can beat them unconscious and take any items they may be holding.

    Contributed by: Gincairn 

  23. Hint : Anger Volgin

    When fighting Volgin the first time you can wear the Ivan’s(Raiden's) mask and he will think you are the major and hesitate from attacking you. You will have a chance to shoot him a few times without him attacking. He will realize who you are after a while and become angry and attack more frequently.

    Contributed by: TRin12 

  24. Easily deplete The Fear's stamina

    While fighting The Fear, his main tactic is to jump from tree to tree in order to get the best shot possible on you. However, this depletes his stamina rather quickly, and like Snake, he needs to eat in order to keep himself going strong. As The Fear's stamina gauge decreases, he'll stop trying to attack you and begin using his crossbow to hunt for food instead. If he manages to catch enough of the local food sources, he will regenerate his stamina gauge; if you're a fan of scoring stamina kills on the bosses in order to get the secret uniforms in the game, The Fear's eating habits make it very difficult to deplete his stamina gauge in an honorable manner.

    Thankfully, there is a cheap way to bypass the entire process. As soon as the battle starts, take poisoned pieces of food you have on stock and throw it into the middle of the area, then proceed to go on with the battle as you would normally. When The Fear's stamina gets low, he will cease to hunt for food and will instead go right for the food you threw out for him! Not only does this prevent The Fear's stamina from increasing, but it will actually decrease his stamina as well. Even better is that he'll stand there puking his guts up, which gives you all sorts of time to blast him with shots from your tranquilizer gun.

    It should be noted that the best place to harvest poisoned food is in the very area in which you fight The Fear himself; you have to go through it en route to the science lab before fighting The Fear on the way back. The area is full of poison frogs and poison mushrooms, so make sure to stock up in advance. The more poisoned food you throw out at the beginning of the fight, the easier a time you'll have.

    Contributed by: UltimaterializerX 

  25. Make yourself fall asleep.

    You can make yourself fall asleep by equiping the hankerchief, and wiping it in the air about 3 times. After the 3rd time "Z's" will appear above your head and you will collaspe!

    Contributed by: No_1_LP_Fan 

  26. Distract Voligin

    Before you fight Volgin be sure to capture a living tree frog. When you are fighting him equip the tree frog as a weapon and throw it somewhere where volgin will see it. After he sees it he should say something then jump back he will then be vulnerable for a few seconds(until he kills the frog) allowing you time to get a few cheap shots in.

    Contributed by: zeljo 

  27. Raikov's Bowel Troubles

    After destroying the food storehouse for Groznyj Grad, go to the bathroom stall that Raikov retreats to and drop some rotten food. Wait for Raikov to enter the stall and he will eat the food. The door will lock and Raikov will begin to experience some extreme bowel troubles! Knock on the door for some humorous dialogue.

    Contributed by: Janors 2 

  28. EVA doesn't lose stamina.

    At the part where you must carry EVA through the jungle, you can tranquilize her with the EZ gun, and she won't lose any stamina...therefore, saving you food for when you really need it.

    Contributed by: latin_boi 

  29. Dazing a Guard

    Whenever the '!' or '?' icon appears above an enemy's head, and you shoot it, (this is tricky) the the guard appear to be intoxicated and have some white bubbles floating from his head, giving you a few seconds to either run away, or to attack the dazed guard.

    Contributed by: sinncross 

  30. Dazed and Confused

    When dealing with an enemy, shagohod mechanic, or scientist, make a noise and hide. Make sure you'll be able to see over the enemy's head. When a question mark comes over their head, shoot it. This will confuse the enemy for a short period of time by showing sparks fly out of their head and them stumbling around.

    Contributed by: Jimps043 

  31. Open Locked Doors in Grozynj Grad

    You can open all of the electronic doors that only open for Raikov by throwing a live captured animal in front of the doors to open them. When the animal crawls in front of the door, it will open allowing you to obtain the items before you get the Raikov uniform.

    Contributed by: STG_Deathbot 

  32. Easy way to get out of the cell

    When you get into the cell after being tortured go into the survival viewer, and press R1 to look at snake closer. Spin Snake around in there for about 20 seconds, go back into the game and run for a little bit and Snake will spew. The guard will come in the cell asking whats wrong...knock him out and leave the cell.

    Contributed by: Tster01 

  33. Get past The Sorrow easily

    When you have to face The Sorrow at the river, instead of following him, you simply crouch down on to the floor, and keep your head down and drown yourself. Then the usual cutscene will appear showing you escaping the battle.

    Contributed by: Merray 

  34. Ocelot helps you

    When fighting Volgin, first phase, throw some man-made food (Calorie Mate, Rations, Instant Noodles, etc) to Ocelot, and Ocelot will give Life Recovery Medicine or SAA rounds in return!

    Contributed by: Altre_U 

  35. No Damage Through Torture

    Hold L2 during the entire torture sequence to not recieve any damage when Volgin punches you. It must remain held down until cutscene where he leaves otherwise any damage that would have been done is still dealt.

    Contributed by: MGRaiden 

  36. Tight Space GLITCH.

    First equip the binoculars, then quick unequip.
    Enter a tight space, like a vent, and as SOON as the camera begins to move into 'Intrusion Mode' aka First Person immediatly equip the binoculars. You will continue to move forward WITH the binoculars equiped, but you will not be able to control Snake at all, except to unequip the binoculars, which will then return everything to normal.

    Contributed by: StroutX 

  37. Body full of crossbow bolts

    When fighting The Fear, before you beat him, let him hit you a few times with his crossbow. The bolts will stay in your body, and you are supposed to remove them through the Cure menu. If you beat him, you will automatically be healed fully, but the bolts will still be stuck in you for the rest of the game. If you go to your Cure menu, you will see them sticking out of you, but you can't remove them. They are visible with any camo you wear, but not visible during cutscenes.

    Contributed by: Klaydoggy 

  38. Metal Gear Acid Password

    When entering "Graniny Gorki Lab, 1F" (An area in which you must wear the scientist disguise), interrogate the first guard you see in the lobby. The 3rd time you interrogate him, he'll reveal a password for Metal Gear Acid: "J E H U T Y"

    Contributed by: Roadogg 

  39. Kojima Game's models

    In the office of Granin, there are models of things from other games Hideo Kojima Made. There is a model of Metal Gear Rex from Metal Gear Solid 1, A model of Metal Gear Ray from metal gear solid 2, and a model of Jehuty from Zone of the enders 1 and/or 2.

    Contributed by: gyrofan 

  40. Ocelot Time Paradox

    After the cut scene where you first meet Ocelot, knife (or shoot if you have the Patriot) him to death. Once you kill him the game over screen will pop-up and say "OCELOT IS DEAD." Cambell will then yell at Snake for creating a time paradox.

    Contributed by: kris incognito 

  41. Secret R1 Cutscenes

    At three points during the ending, you can hold R1 to look around in first person. It is not indicated that you can use R1 but it's there. There are some small hidden things that can only be seen this way.

    Contributed by: Video Gamer Z 

  42. Title Screen Change

    After beating the game once, Snake will have an eyepatch on during the CQC fights he has with the Russian guard at the title screen.

    Contributed by: KurtCobain1994 

  43. What do you like?

    When beginning a new game you are prompted with three questions:
    "This is my first MGS game"
    "I like MGS1"
    "I like MGS2"
    Selecting this is my first MGS game has the regular opening. Selecting I like MGS1 makes your stamina drop slower. Selecting I like MGS2 gets you a special intro.

    Contributed by: Snake19 

  44. Make Eva vomit

    Similar to making Snake spew, when you're escorting Eva to the lake, go into the cure option in the Survival Viewer to look at Eva and then use the analog sticks to spin her around several times. When you resume gameplay, Eva will vomit. Repeat this enough times and she will complain about stomach cramps and say other funny comments but this will also diminish her stamina quicker.

    Contributed by: PyroJames 

  45. Secret R1 Cutscenes

    At the end of Virtious Mission, Hold R1 in the cutscene after Snake has healed himself. You will be able to look around when it is not indicated that you can and you can see The Sorrow's body.

    After you've climbed the mountain, hold R1 during the cutscene where Snake is spying on Volgin on the base. You can see The Boss ride off on her horse and EVA do the "handgesture".

    After being tortured, hold R1 as Ocelot leaves the room. The Boss does the "handgesture".

    After defeating the Shagohod, hold R1 and when EVA goes to hug Snake you can see The Sorrow behind her.

    After defeating The Boss, when her horse walks up, hold R1. You can see the ghosts of The Boss and The Sorrow.

    When the President goes to shake Snake's hand, hold R1 and look to the left. Ocelot is outside the window.

    When Snake is at the graveyard, hold R1. His eye tears up and you can't see much.

    Contributed by: Video Gamer Z 

  46. Extra scene in Quick Draw

    At the end, when you do the quick draw with Ocelot. Pick the gun on the left, when you can shoot do not shoot at all. A hidden cutscene will happen with Ocelot talking about why you didn't shoot the gun.

    Contributed by: Menji 

  47. See naked Raiden again

    When obtaining the uniform from Raikov, the guy who looks and attacks like Raiden, shoot him in the crotch to kill him. During your battle with The Sorrow, a naked raiden will walf down the river hiding his privates, complete with bluring.

    Contributed by: PurgatoryCell 

  48. Listening to Granin

    After your meeting with Granin, his door will become locked to you but you can still listen to him inside his office. After a few minutes he will start mumbling some curious things while half asleep.

    Contributed by: Jupasto 

  49. See an MGS2 Poster

    During the cut-scene when Snake stuffs Major Raikov into the locker, on the door of the locker, there is a poster with a picture of Raiden and the text 'Metal Gear Solid 2' on it

    Contributed by: typeyourname 

  50. Another Metal Gear Acid Password

    In the Snake Eater Mission, go to compound area where the Hind sits. You'll know it's the right area because you'll see the Hind (Helicopter) grounded with noone piloting it. Interrogate the guard closest to the front door entrance of the largest building two or three times and he'll give you a password for Metal Gear Acid: V I P E R (Viper).

    Contributed by: Cannabisia 

  51. Eva's Dream of Snake

    When you are in the woods with Eva, shoot her with the tranquilizer gun. Walk right up to her while she is asleep (you may have to crouch). She will begin saying interesting things in her sleep.

    Contributed by: WagonTronk 

  52. Motion Capture Actors

    During a cut scene, if you see the name of the character, the name in the parentheses is the voice actor. If you hit O, the name will change to the name of the character's motion capture actor.

    Contributed by: yeg0 

  53. Modern Day Gaming Mags in 1964

    If you look around in the military bases throughout the game (Groznyj Grad, Graniny Gorki, etc.) you can find several modern day gaming magazines on tables, including EGM, GMR, and a few others. Shoot these magazines with a weapon and they will open to a page about Snake Eater. Shoot them again and they will flip to the back cover.

    Contributed by: Janors 2 

  54. An Old Favorite

    While traveling with EVA, grab her, and interrogate her. She'll tell you a code that involves directions but then she'll say that she doesn't remember the rest of it. The code EVA was talking about was the famous 30 lives cheat code from Contra on the NES.

    Contributed by: Lady Nintendo 

  55. Johnny Sasaki deja vu

    After being captured and waking up in the cell, throw back the food 3 times to see the scene where the soldier tells you his and his sons name (Johnny). Now wait a few minutes, Johnny will bend over, hold his stomach and will then run to the toilet. As a bonus, he will say some hilarious sentences like "Wow, that's a record!" or "Will that even flush?"

    Contributed by: pexeq 

  56. Yet another metal gear acid password:

    This guy is located in the back of groznyj grad main wing (The place with the shagohod). If you interrogate him he should say, "Metal Gear Acid password, K A R E N".

    Contributed by: raijin_fujin 

  57. Another Acid Password

    Its the guard you see on the second floor, when you first enter Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab: East Wing. Interrogate him to get the Acid... Password... X M E I G H T.

    Contributed by: STG_Deathbot 

  58. Hidden poster in drone R1 scene

    During the intro scene for Operation Snake Eater, you have the opportunity to press R1 to view part of the scene through Snake's view (the interior of the cockpit). When you do so, if you look all the way up (past all the instruments), you'll be able to see a poster of Yumi Kikuchi, a Japanese voice actress who had parts in Comic Party, Mahoromatic, Kakyuusei, and other shows.

    Contributed by: dUc0N 

  59. Get out of cell easy

    After Volgin leaves the room after torturing you, Snake and Eva will be alone when the R1 button is prompted you can see some one behind with a board and a Codec number writen on it when your in the Cell call it and It will say "The door is open now".

    Contributed by: Xenoblade 

  60. Game Developers

    In the fight with The Sorrow, go to your backpack and take out your camera and take pictures of all The Bosses, including Th Sorrow's Dead body, when you look at it, you will see the faces of the Game Developers.

    Contributed by: DemonKiller007 

  61. Misc. Unlockables

    Code Effect
    Complete the game once Extreme Difficulty Mode
    Complete the game once Patriot
    Complete the game once Tuxedo Camouflage
    Get the highest record time in every stage of Snake vs. Monkey Banana Camouflage
    Complete the game once Snake vs. Monkey levels 4 and 5
    Defeat The End by sneaking up behind him during battle and pointing a gun at him. He will lay on the ground. Point the gun at his head three times, aiming elsewhere when he speaks. Moss Camo
    Defeat The End/MK22 only Mosin Nagant
    Find and shoot all 64 Kerotan frogs that are scatter through out the whole game. Stealth Camouflage
    In Locker you put Major Raikov in (Second time you go to Groznjy Grad) Sneaking Suit
    In Second Locker on Far Right in Groznjy Grad (Near the locker where you put Major Raikov at) Mechanic Uniform
    Choose the gun on the right during the final duel. Colt Single Action Army
    Complete Virtuous Mission Intro movie on title screen
    Beat the game with no alerts Stealth Camouflage (alternate method)

    Contributed by: dinobotmaximized 

  62. Obtainable Facepaint and Uniforms.

    Most camos can be found lying in the Jungle at relatively well hidden locations. Some camos have to be downloaded using a network adaptor and a memory card.

    Code Effect
    Bolshaya Past Base, In the fox hole on the left side of the middle building Facepaint Snow
    Ponizovje Warehouse. Facepaint Desert
    Tikhogornyj, at the bottom of the pool before the waterfall. Facepaint Kabuki
    Rassvet during snake eater mission. Behind the building. Facepaint Zombie
    Graniny Gorky Lab, Exterior. In the air duct. Facepaint Oyama
    Dremuchij North, under the rope bridge on the far side. Camo Rain Drop
    Bolshaya Past South. Camo Chocolate Chip
    Bolshaya Past South. Camo Splitter
    Peschera Cave, on the right branch before the Pain. Camo Snow
    Bolshaya Past Base. Camo Water
    Chyornyj Prud, underwater in northeast. Camo Ga-Ko
    Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab: East Wing. In the locker with the red stripe. Uniform Sneaking Suit
    Given to you by Eva. Uniform Scientist
    Steal it from Raikov. Uniform Officer
    Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab: East Wing in locker. Same time as the Sneaking Suit. Uniform Maintenance
    Download it to your memory card. Camo Mummy
    Download it to your memory card. Camo Grenade
    In the third bathroom stall on the second floor of the building where Granin is (it's locked so break the door down). Fly Camouflage
    Last all the way through Sorrow's river Spirit camouflage
    Complete every level in Snake vs. Monkeys Monkey Mask
    Beat the game with the Foxhound Rank Infinity Face Paint
    After talking to Granin and fighting The Fear, go all the way back to the beginning of Ponizovje South. Facepaint Water
    Download it to your memory card. Camo Santa
    Download it to your memory card. (JP and EU versions) Camo Valentine
    Catch a live Tsuchinoko before torture scene. After you get your weapons, go back and capture it again just outside. Finish the game with it alive. Infinity Face Paint (alternate method)

    Contributed by: J.Mason 

  63. Boss Camo

    Defeat certain bosses by lowering their stamina to zero using the tranquillizer. This unlocks special camos that give you specific abiilites.

    Code Effect
    Beat Ocelot Animals
    Beat The Pain Hornet Stripe
    Beat The Fear Spider
    Beat Volgen Cold War
    Beat The Boss Snake
    Hold up The End Moss
    Beat The Fury Fire

    Contributed by: Bleuet 

  64. EZ Gun

    You must capture all types of animals and plants in the game, you dont have to eat them and they can be rotten, and once you have captured one you can discard it from your backpack because it has been recorded as it having been caputred, there are 48 in total to be captured.

    Contributed by: SWEETISTSIN 

  65. Hilarious Radio Chats

    Note: You may have to call a few times to get the desired conversation.
    To hear these conversations you must complete the following requirements:

    Code Effect
    Eat a Glowcap and Call Para-Medic "Glowcap" Conversation
    Catch a Tsuchinoko and Call Para-Medic "Tsuchinoko" Conversation
    Wear "Choco Chip" Camo and call Sigint "Chocolate Chip" Conversation
    Equip a Box and call Sigint. (Very Funny) "Box" Conversation
    Call Sigint after speakng to Granin "Granin" Conversation
    Call Sigint with the Patriot equiped "Patriot" Conversation
    Call Sigint after waking up from nightmare (the nightmare appears when you load a save file while in the prison cell) Sigint's nightmare conversation
    Call Major Zero after obtaining the Officer camo, with the mask and Officer camo equipped Raiden conversation
    Call Para-Medic after catching a Green Tree Python "Pretty" Convo
    Wear "Naked" Camo and call Sigint Funny Conversation

    Contributed by: samthebigkid 

  66. EZ Gun

    Code Effect
    Start on Very Easy and you'll have it when you start. Alternate EZ Gun

    Contributed by: Ragna0k0nline 

  67. Unlockable Ending Rankings

    Every difficulty setting has unique unlockable rankings that may be unlocked depending on your performance throughout the game. Below are the possible unlockable rankings and the requirements to unlock them.

    Code Effect
    Alert Mode over 300 times, Kill over 300 people, Eat more than 31 Meals, Play Time over 30 hours, Continue over 60 times, Save over 100 times Ostrich - Extreme Difficulty
    Alert Mode over 300 times, Kill over 300 people, Eat more than 31 Meals, Play Time over 30 hours, Continue over 60 times, Save over 100 times Rabbit - Hard Difficulty
    Alert Mode over 300 times, Kill over 300 people, Eat more than 31 Meals, Play Time over 30 hours, Continue over 60 times, Save over 100 times Mouse - Normal Difficulty
    Alert Mode over 300 times, Kill over 300 people, Eat more than 31 Meals, Play Time over 30 hours, Continue over 60 times, Save over 100 times Chicken - Easy and Very Easy Difficulties
    Shoot all 64 Kerotan Frogs Kerotan - Special Ranking
    Every Plant and Animal Captured, Cure Supply Plant, and non animal-plant item (RC Mate, Noodles, etc.) Markhor - Special Ranking
    Clear game with living Tsuchinoko captured Tsuchinoko - Special Ranking
    Clear the Game with Leech attached Leech - Special Ranking
    No Kills Pigeon - Special Ranking
    No Alerts Night Owl - Extreme Ranking
    No Alerts Flying Fox - Hard Ranking
    No Alerts Bat - Normal Ranking
    No Alerts Flying Squirrel - Easy and Very Easy Ranking
    Play Time under 5:00 Eagle - Extreme Ranking
    Play Time under 5:00 Hawk - Hard Ranking
    Play Time under 5:00 Falcon - Normal Ranking
    Play Time under 5:00 Swallow - Easy and Very Easy Ranking
    Alert Mode raised over 300 times Cow - Special Ranking
    Kill over 300 Humans Whale - Extreme Ranking
    Kill over 300 Humans Mammoth - Hard Ranking
    Kill over 300 Humans Shark - Normal Ranking
    Kill over 300 Humans Piranha - Easy and Very Easy Ranking
    Over 31 Meals Eaten Elephant - Normal Ranking
    Over 31 Meals Eaten Pig - Easy and Very Easy Ranking
    Play Time over 30 hours Giant Panda - Extreme Ranking
    Play Time over 30 hours Sloth - Hard Ranking
    Play Time over 30 hours Capybara - Normal Ranking
    Play Time over 30 hours Koala - Easy and Very Easy Ranking
    Save over 100 times Hippopotamus - Extreme Ranking
    Save over 100 times Zebra - Hard Ranking
    Save over 100 times Deer - Normal Ranking
    Save over 100 times Cat - Easy and Very Easy Ranking
    1-20 Alerts, 0-40 continues, 1-100 kills Scorpion - Any Difficulty
    1-20 Alerts, 0-40 continues, 101-299 kills Tarantula - Any Difficulty
    1-20 Alerts, 41 or more continues, 1-100 kills Centipede - Any Difficulty
    1-20 Alerts, 41 or more continues, 101-299 kills Spider - Any Difficulty
    21-50 Alerts, 0-40 Continues, 1-100 Kills Jaguar - Any Difficulty
    21-50 Alerts, 0-40 Continues, 101-299 Kills Panther - Any Difficulty
    21-50 Alerts, 41 or more Continues, 1-100 Kills Leopard - Any Difficulty
    21-50 Alerts, 41 or more Continues, 101-299 Kills Puma - Any Difficulty
    51-80 Alerts, 0-40 Continues, 1-100 Kills Jackal - Any Difficulty
    No Special Item used, 1 Alert, 0 Kills, Under 3 Life Meds, Under 5:15 play time, 0 continues Doberman - Extreme Ranking
    No Special Item used, 0 Alerts, Under 10 Life Bars of Damage, 0 Kills, 0 Life Meds, Under 5:00 play time, under 25 saves, 0 continues Fox - Hard Ranking
    No Special Item used, 0 Alerts, 0 Kills, 0 Life Meds, Under 5:00 play time, under 50 saves, 0 continues Fox - Extreme Ranking
    No Special Item used, 0 Alerts, Under 10 Life Bars of Damage, 0 Kills, 0 Life Meds, Under 5:00 play time, under 25 saves, 0 continues Foxhound - Extreme Ranking
    81-249 Alerts, 41 or more Continues, 101-299 Kills Alligator - Any Difficulty
    81-249 Alerts, 41 or more Continues, 1-100 Kills Komodo Dragon - Any Difficulty
    81-249 Alerts, 0-40 Continues, 101-299 Kills Crocodile - Any Difficulty
    81-249 Alerts, 0-40 Continues, 1-100 Kills Iguana - Any Difficulty
    51-80 Alerts, 41 or more Continues, 101-299 Kills Hyena - Any Difficulty
    51-80 Alerts, 41 or more Continues, 1-100 Kills Mongoose - Any Difficulty
    51-80 Alerts, 0-40 Continues, 101-299 Kills Tasmanian Devil - Any Difficulty
    No Special Item used, 0 Alerts, 0 Kills, 0 Life Meds, Under 5:00 play time, under 50 saves, 0 continues Doberman - Hard Ranking
    No Special Item used, 0 Alerts, Under 10 Life Bars of Damage, 0 Kills, 0 Life Meds, Under 5:00 play time, under 25 saves, 0 continues Doberman - Normal Ranking
    No Special Item used, 2 Alerts, 0 Kills, Under 5:00 play time, under 25 saves, 0 continues Hound - Extreme Ranking
    No Special Item used, 1 Alert, 0 Kills, Under 3 Life Meds, Under 5:15 play time, 0 continues Hound - Hard Ranking
    No Special Item used, 0 Alerts, 0 Kills, 0 Life Meds, Under 5:00 play time, under 50 saves, 0 continues Hound - Normal Ranking
    No Special Item used, 0 Alerts, Under 10 Life Bars of Damage, 0 Kills, 0 Life Meds, Under 5:00 play time, under 25 saves, 0 continues Hound - Easy Ranking
    Kill 250 or more Humans Orca - Extreme Ranking

    Contributed by: Xtreme1 

  68. European Extra's

    Extra Things In EU Versions

    Code Effect
    Beat The Game Once Duel mode
    Beat The Game Once Theather Mode
    Beat The game once European Extreme Mode

    Contributed by: TRin12 

  69. Peep Show Movie

    Collect all the game cutscenes in Demo Theatre mode and you will unlock a movie called Peep Show. It is various cutscenes inloving EVA in her underwear.

    Code Effect
    Collect all the Movies in Demo Theatre. Peep Show Movie.

    Contributed by: gamesmaster no1 

  70. Duel Mode Unlockables

    The following items can be unlocked by beating both types of Duel Mode, only available on the PAL version.

    Code Effect
    Beat Special Duel Mode DPM Camouflage
    Beat Normal Duel Mode Green Face Paint

    Contributed by: SuperStealthDud 

  71. Play With The Title Screen

    You can mess around with the animation and background at the title screen by pressing different buttons.

    Code Effect
    Triangle Turns the background black so that you can only see Snake fighting the soldier.
    L1 Changes the color of Snake and the soldier.
    L2 Changes the color of Snake and the soldier.
    R1 Speeds up the Snake vs. soldier animation.
    R2 Slows down the Snake vs. soldier animation.
    L3 Changes the background design.
    R3 Changes the screen's color.

    Contributed by: Shinigami083 

  72. Intro movie controls

    Do the following during the intro movie:

    Code Effect
    Move the right analog stick Symbols appear on screen
    Press R3 Changes the symbols
    Rotate the left analog stick Credits will make waves as they move across the screen
    Press R1 Singer whispers "Snake Eater"
    Press any D-pad buttom little circles come up to the screen.
    L3 Changes opening credits to 4 different languages and into slithering snake bones.

    Contributed by: dinobotmaximized 

  73. X-ray Poses

    While in the the Cure Screen hit R1 twice this will activate different animations from body building techniques to stances.

    Code Effect
    R1 X-Ray Pose Animations

    Contributed by: ps2insight 

  74. Konami Code

    When the very first Konami logo appears, enter the following:

    Code Effect
    Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Square, Triangle Changes the names in the intro movie to the names of the people who designed the intro.

    Contributed by: Video Gamer Z 

  75. Make whereabouts of The End show up on your map.

    Type in this code in the menu on the map screen to see the location of The End during your battle with him. This code will have to be inputed every time you leave the map screen and come back to the map screen.

    Code Effect
    Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right Square Triangle Makes the location of The End show up on your map during the battle with him.

    Contributed by: GLAMPIRE 

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