Metal Gear Solid, one of the best series out.

User Rating: 10 | Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (Mega Hits!) PS2
Metal Gear Solid has got a great story-line that will never get old. It is up there with Grand Theft Auto.

You play as Solid Snake, to being with. And Raiden for the rest of the game. They introduced a new character, and I like him. He has good skills that you can use with him, but Solid Snake is still better. There are loads of other characters in this game like, Olga, Ocelot, Solidus, etc. Ocelot is another great character that has been in it since the beginning. I can see why they aren't killing him off Metal Gear Solid, because he is a great character.

This game is perfect, like every other Metal Gear Solid game.