this game is great.

I thought this game was going to be just like the previous HP games, but I was totally wrong.
What I like more about this one is that we can move the wand with the right joystick. but we can move the camera around us like a 3D game because the Dualshock just has two joysticks U_U.
The more interest thing here is that we can move with totally freedom around Hogwarts on real time, because the camera never stops.
The graphics for the PS2 are ok. But the graphics doesn't make the game fun, gameplay does it.
So when we are in a battle or just repairing or moving things by using our magic we must remember the movements of the joystick and if we don't do the correct movements that can be bad in a battle.

So this is one of the bests Harry Potter I have played, but it could be better if we could use the broom, I know in this book harry cant use it too much but just in the beginning as in the movie.
I want to play the half-blood prince and I hope the next title can be better that the previous.