Another masterpiece from Hideo Kojima.

User Rating: 9.7 | Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (Mega Hits!) PS2
This is one hell'uv'a game! IT features the biggest production values ever, and it shows that Kojima has a background from the movies, as this is told like a big production hollywood movie.
This time we follow the secret agent Rayden, not Solid Snake, wich is a dissapointment but you will eventually get over it, on his first big mission, and what a big mission that is. The story is awesome with a lot of exsistencialism and philosophy. The characters are some of the deepest I have witnessed. At the same time game has it's humorous moments. IT's serious, but it still manages to not take itself too seriously.
The game is tactical espionage at its best. The AI is superb and the gameplay in this game is innovative, challenging and entertaining.
Following the big budget, the visuals are fantastic, and specially the direction of camera in the in game movie sequences. The graphics aren't the most detailed I've seen, but at its time it still were some of the best visuals the playstation 2 had seen.
The sound, music and voice acting are some of, if not the best I've ever experienced.
After the main event, a new scenario is unlocked wich features our main man, Solid Snake, wich adds to the value.
This game is simply put, a masterpiece, go buy it now!