Rubbish - how to destroy a franchise in one easy step.

User Rating: 3.5 | Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance X360
MGS this is not. DMC wannabe, without the fun control system. Pretentious and nonsensical cutscenes, poor level structure and difficulty balance. Two main factors kill this game for me.
First, the erratic camera in combat - after a few slice combos the enemies are behind you and because of the close zoom in are hard to keep track off, combined with the fact that when fighting adds with big enemies the camera zooms in totally on a limb preventing a view of the rest of the battle.
Secondly, the abysmal control system totally focused on eviscerating enemies - even more sedate games like AC3 enable a player to attack and counter multiple enemies successfully - this game, if you are in the middle of a combo, the combo animation prevents reacting to counter a second enemy, switching to free slashing to hit the little box breaks the flow of battle completely.
Disappointing and a case of style over substance and gameplay. How this got 8.5/10 is beyond me.