MGS RISING on PC or not?

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Hey Guys , I have seen gamesplay trailer of MGS Rising , I m a fan of MGS series, But this game delivers a whole new concept and features. As I m not a XBOX holder I wanted to know that this games is releasing in pc or not? as I have seen in many threads as Konami has declared that this game is not going to be released in PC. Is it TRUE?
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Its not clear but mostly no, the reason being Platinum Games they rebuild the game apparently completely from ground on their engine and on their website and on the wikipedia page its listed for Xbox360 and PS3 only, the only reason this game was also announced for the PC back in 2009 was that Kojima originally planned it to run on his new Foxengine which is multiplat, after Platinum taking over the only way for a PC version would be for Konami to hire a third developer who ports it which is much unlikely.

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Given that the official site only lists Xbox 360 and PS3, and we haven't heard anything about a PC edition since the original Rising announcement. I'd be very surprised if there was still a PC edition.