In know the truth behind rising.....

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I know the truth. Mr. Kojima is playing with us(fans). This Rising thing is an Extra VR Training that you can play in the real game MGS5.

He did it on MGS2, and now is doing it again, always Metal Gear have surprises and this one will be the biggest one.

MGS5 will have Big Boss as the main character. Kojima will never let down his masterpiece with some garbage proyect like Rising.


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"garbage project" hahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
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I'm an absolute huge Metal Gear fan, and I hate to do this, but I agree with ADAREPILEF. This game is turning out to be garbage =/
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I think we should reserve judgement until we've played the demo. A trailer can make a game look good or bad and it isn't necessarily the right impression.

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I played the demo and was disapointed. I dont mean to sound cruel, there is clearly the main elements of storytelling and production value that metal gear solid series has been known for, but outside of that, its just a hack and slash that has moments of genius interspersed with moments of generic. Which is a shame just cause the track record of the MGS series is anything but generic. And i think the problem is, that it feels the need to connect itself so hard to the MGS universe that it doesnt allow itself to stand on its own. Hard to compare a stealth game with a hack and slash, but only two or three times in the demo was i impressed, but nothing too new or groundbreaking.

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The game is not that much of a looker because Kojima specifically told Platinum Games to make the game run at 60 FPS. In Action-Adventure games like this, 60 FPS gameplay is a must otherwise you'll be plagued with frame drops and input lag.
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I don't think Kojima cares if you don't like this or MGS2 dude.

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One question,will Metal Gear Solid 4 be included with Metal Gear Rising?

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I'll probably rent this game, beat it in a day in a half and then forget about it.

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see hideo has the annoying habit of forcing characters on people,first it was ocelot, who he first made a patriot spy, then made him big boss' rival as if that wasn't enough its revealed his the boss' son and now he is the major player in mgs 4 now raiden who has linger on longer than i expected, by changing him into a ridiculous version of grey fox (another beloved metal gear character) even outliving the great solid snake.
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Maybe it was a bad idea to make this game, merely because MGS fans tend to have little to no interest in this type of gameplay. I have this feeling that even an A rated hack and slasher would not satisfy you guys. I've beaten MGS 2 and 3 and loved the story, but I can't say I'm the biggest fan of the series..I'm not hardcore.

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I played the Demo on PS3 and it's garbage ! I didn't find so many bugs like the demo version inside the Zone of the Ender HD, but this game is a shame to all Metal Gear series.

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Dumbest pose ever.