high tech ninja samurai

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one thing i hate about this game is how in dept the game is about samurai legacy,don't get me wrong i like samurai stuff but seriously.okay i hated the old raiden, but this new raiden is so full of it ,i mean always about "fight ,justice,why i kill .....blah blah.in fact one the villians the one that has the solar panels look like a shogun,one of the boss has a pair sai,and let not forget samuel.also a number of enmies uses swords,if i wasn't mistaking i saw a video were raiden performs a excution on an enemy.they should just bring yoshimitsu to the cast as comic relief to complete the samurai feel.Probably the metal gear in this game maybe a giant sword.

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Well there's not much to argue or debate about here, in fact I'm not entirely sure what you're saying. You're saying you just don't like the Samuri theme? Well, there's not much I can tell you, buddy. That's just kind of...the way it is.