Fatal game flaw

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One Major Flaw The Rest of the Game is Insanity to put in one word, and folks dont say this is not MGS is supposed to be the transition is perfectly natural dont forget there is a Ninja in every one of em now the Major flaw if that if you dont know how to parry rite which most people suck at then the game is worthles youll probably get stuck some where eventually so again if your not good at parrying atacks which is timing based then stay away from this game cause it will prob frustrate you and make you wanna throw your console out the window :twisted:

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The font you used is so small I cannot read anything, Could you make it bigger please lol

Game is sick man ! I thought I am not gonne like it but is sweet like honey and Raiden is better character than I thought he is gonne be. Overall GREAT.

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But you don't need timing. Just mash the left stick toward the attack and mash Square/X (ps3/xbox respectively) while doing so. I promise you, you will defend against the majority of attacks thrown at you
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Sounds like someone is mad he can't beat the game.
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Wow, you really need to learn how to use punctuation. By the way, if you play on easy I believe it blocks/evades for you. You can't do timing? Then stop crying for your own handicap. 

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i agree.. im on the beginning and the game is quite hard.compared to other games this is where I died many times.

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I think you're underestimating the gamer population today. Just because many games are easy doesn't mean one that's not won't do well, let alone be "worthless". Look how punishing Dark Souls is next to how popular/critically acclaimed it is.