A really good startegy action shooter for the PSP

User Rating: 9 | Metal Gear Acid 2 PSP
Its a really fun game thats a great idea better than the 1st. The tobic acid is a good idea but i rarely used it.

Gameplay- The game is a card game based on the metal gear universe, containing weapons and characters from the MGS universe, Characters from other Konami series like Z.O.E all the way to Japanesse idols. Obtaining these cards for battle help you achieve your mission and you have to costruct your deck to get the best effects. Some cards which are unlocked also unlock 3D videos which are scences form MGS3 and Japanese idols in bikinis usually having water fights. The game is easy to pick upand play. The game can be played in 2D or 3D its upto you.

Graphics- nice look grainy, its for the 3D effect bright colours but nice, the game features video clips from past games while using that card. The game includes videos and clips from the MGS universe and Japanes idols in bikinis which i dont think people may argue with.

Sound- The sound is classic kind of metal gear music all new and different for the game but the same kind of music. clear and not bad

Summary- Even though the game is not that popular does'nt mean its not really good. its really cheap and really worth the buy I got it the day it came out and have never got bored of it