Metal Drift Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Complete each requirement to receive the achievements.

    Code Effect
    Kill Drakon 3 times in one match Drakon Fire
    Kill 5 human players online Meat Hunter I
    Kill 20 human players online Meat Hunter II
    Kill 50 human players online Meat Hunter III
    Achieve 5 kills on each map Road Trip Rampage
    15 Kills in one match Big Killer
    5 Goals Goals I
    100 Kills Kills II
    50 Kills Kills I
    5 Hours Beta II
    1 Hour Beta I
    3 Goals in one match Hat Trick
    10 Hours Beta III
    25 Kills in one match Master Killer
    15 Kill Streak Big Streak
    25 Goals Goals II
    25 Kill Streak Master Streak
    Scored hit from 500 meters Long Shot 1
    20 Hours Beta IV
    500 Kills Kills III
    Scored hit from 800 meters Long Shot 2
    75 Goals Goals III
    40 Hours Beta V
    200 Goals Goals IV
    400 Goals Goals V
    8000 Kills Kills V
    2000 Kills Kills IV

    Contributed by: th3l3fty