Merlin Cheats For Game Boy Color

  1. Level ''Air'' Password

    Code Effect
    MRFTS: NCVBCH, DRBGSB, SDSD Unlock Level "Air"
    TDRDPS, HRCBF, BLBBBK Unlock Level "Earth"
    CLTSBC: THDGNK, WDBFHS, HCTDW Unlock Level "Human"
  2. Passwords

    From the Main Menu, choose Password and enter one of the following. All passwords are six digits, and the _ character is a space.

    Code Effect
    HTR!(_ Stage 01
    TDRDPS Stage 02
    HRCBF_ Stage 03
    BLBBBK Stage 04
    MRFTS_ Stage 05
    NCVBCH Stage 06
    DRBGSB Stage 07
    SDSD__ Stage 08
    CLTSBC Stage 09
    THGDNK Stage 10
    WFDBHS Stage 11
    HCTDW_ Stage 12
    NDBR__ Stage 13
    LBRFC_ Stage 14
    SLLBF_ Stage 15
    NCCGQ_ Stage 16
    TNBLTB Stage 17
    CLPMCT Stage 18
    DBBLBG Stage 19
    HNRFH_ Stage 20
    LDBRG_ Stage 21
    RFNFH_ Stage 22
    NCDDBM Stage 23
    FNGRDB Stage 24
  3. Stage Select

    At the Main Menu, press Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Select, Select, Select. A sound effect will confirm proper entry and the new option "Levels" will appear under Options.

    Code Effect
    Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Select, Select, Select at the Main Menu. Stage Select