great experience, best of total wars since

User Rating: 9 | Medieval II: Total War PC
well, the most disturbing thing of that game is diplomacy, which by my opinion still needs some improvement. and it has improved on newer total war games. it seems rahther dull that you start the game without any knowledge of other factions - as if England, for example, did not had any idea of France on 11th century. i understand that game is only the simplified model of reality, but come on ...

other things in this game a just very good. both tactical (battles) and strategic levels of game are highly addictive and complex. there is always a great variety of possibilities to advance - be that by intelligence, saboteuring, religious dominance, etc, and of course - open warfare.

i highly recommend this game to any fan on strategy game. medieval total war is probably the best game in genre and few do not know it already anyway.