The Most Innovative Game Ever?

In the last few years, there has been a multitude of games released for the XBOX. The majority of them have been either:

A) FPS: Who doesn't like blowing stuff up and slaughter thousands? Little kids.

B) Racing Games: Don't we all enjoy racing classic, modern, foreign, and exotic supercars? No, younger viewers generally don't.

C) Action Titles: Hoo-boy, third person heaven with Mercenaries and Battlefront eh? Shooting those commie bastards, and storm trooper morons has never been so rewarding right? Wrong, because children generally would like to sit around and play platformers.

Ah-hah! You saw where I was going right? Psychonauts is a platformer. A "kid's" game form. I will not debate this fact, and neither should you. It was designed by a master, and if you have EVER heard of Psychonauts, then you have probably know that it was designed by Tim Schaefer, creator of Grim Fandango, and Full Throttle, two of the best graphic adventures ever. However, they did ridiculously bad in sales like, surprise, Psychonauts did.
This is the primary reason I bought the game.

Psychonauts is probably my favorite game ever, right next to The Elder Scrolls, Sonic III and Knuckles, and (OMG) Halo 2. Countless hours have I played this game, and for what? The same ending? About 9 hours of bliss? The torment of knowing that I cannot play his previous two games on my Macintosh? NO! So that one day when some n00b says, "OMGROFFLBBQ, thAt sykonots gaME iS TEh SUXXORZLOL!!!!!!!!!11111$$$???" I can say, "My good sir, you are a noobish bastard, and I will now continue to flame you." Psychonauts is probably the biggest underdog ever, and I think that it has been poorly reviewed by both Gamespot and IGN.

Now then, about the game... it is, like I mentioned before, a platformer. This, primarily, contributes to its "awesome factor". You could almost say that it helps it continue "gellin'" like a "felon". As aforementioned, the game
resembles that of a child's plaything. Yes, it seems childish at first, but then you realize and scream outloud, "Holy friggin' crap, this is sick!" Not sick as "keen" or "it has the flu", but it is pretty messed up. In a funny way.

Ah yes, this is why the game kicks so much buttocks, because it is hilarious, almost like an interactive... funny... thing, and less like a platformer. It gives off a very unique feel when you play it and you really have to play it to understand. In other words,