Sweet! Very fun. Haven't finished it yet, but it's pretty cool. Very addicting and you can't go wrong for that price!

User Rating: 8 | Mercury Meltdown Revolution WII
Smooth! This game is pretty fun... if you can find it right now!!! I've never had this much trouble finding a simple game like this. It was supposed to come out last month, then this month in a bunch of places, and still won't come out in other stores until apparently next month... weird. Anyway, you're basically controlling a blob of mercury in numerous types of puzzles trying to make it to each one's finish line. Trick is, there are so many obstacles, color combinations of the mercury needed for different tasks, and all sorts of other gadgets and stage variations that you need to complete these puzzles, it's hard not to get hooked. Its very fun and extremely addicting. Hours just start to kinda fly by when you're playing it and the puzzles can get pretty hard. The mercury has just the right amount of physics applied to it so that it looks and feels pretty real. The contrast of this with the cartoony environments and wide variety of music tracks (everything from techno to jazz) makes for a great experience. I really enjoy playing this game. Well, good luck finding it at this point in time, and if anyone reading this does find a copy I suggest you totally get it, because for 20 dollars, you can't go wrong. SWEET!