A very fun yet simple game

User Rating: 9 | Mercury Meltdown Revolution WII
There's been many Wii games that have came along that is worth 20 dollars. However, those games are not that good to play. Mercury Meltdown Revolution is one of those 20 dollar games that makes it worth your money plus more.

Gameplay: First from the PSP and then the PS2, MMR for the Wii adds something to the gameplay and that's the Wiimote. You play a small ball of mercury and you use the Wiimote to tilt the field to move your mercury from one place to another. You can also change the color of your mercury to open of locked gates to get some bonuses.

Sound: The music is really fun in this game. It's very simple and adds to the gameplay just a bit.

There is one thing I would like to say. It may say it's a multiplayer game, but you have to unlock them by playing Single player mode. And it's not fun.

All things aside, MMR is a fun game not matter what problems it has. And for only 20 dollars, it's a fun game for your Wii.