Men in Black II: Alien Escape Cheats For PS2

  1. Use Zed

    At the Press start Screen, Press Left, /\, L1, x, Down, R2, /\,Right, R1, Square, /\, L2

    Contributed by: Freak602 

Men in Black II: Alien Escape Cheats For GameCube

  1. Cheats

    Enter the following cheats at the title screen when ''Press Start Button'' appears:

    Code Effect
    R, Y, Left, B, X, L, Left, Up, A, Down, L, X Level Select
    X, Up, L, Left, Y, A, R, B, Right, R, X, B All Combat Skills
    Up, Down, A, X, R, Y, Y, Left, B, L, L, Right All Weapons at Full Power
    Left, B, Y, Right, L, X, Left, R, R, Y Full Beam
    Left, Right, Up, Down, L, B, Y, R, Left, Down, X, X Full Bolt
    L, R, B, L, Down, Up, L, Right, Left, A Full Spread
    Right, Up, X, L, Left, Left, L, Left, B, Left Full Homing
    Left, A, Y, Up, A, Down, X, L, Left, R. Full Area Effect
    Down, Up, A, X, Down, Up, A, X, L, L, X, B. Do Not Drop Weapon Levels
    Right, A, R, Y, Up, L, A, Left, L, B, A, R. Invincibility
    R, Y, Down, Down, A, L, Left, X, Right, Y, R, L. Boss mode
    Up, Down, B, R, Left, L, Right, A, R, X, Up, R. Agent Data
    X, L, B, L, Down, Y, R, Right, A, Left, R, Y. Alien Data
    B, L, R, B, Y, Down, X, A, Right, L, A, Up. Unlock Secret FMVs

    Contributed by: tiamold