Memories Off 6: Next Relation Cheats For Xbox 360

  1. Achievements

    Code Effect
    Completed 25% of the game 6NR 25%
    Completed half of the game 6NR 50%
    Completed most of the game 6NR 75%
    Completed the whole game 6NR Perfect
    Read the whole encyclopedia Encyclopedia
    View the scenario Extra Scenario
    Complete Album Mode Next Relation
    Listen to all songs Sound Track
    View all scenes Far Much More Together
    Clear Route A for Ririsu Form of Feelings
    Clear Route A for Chisa Pleasant Stride
    Clear the route for Chloe Marriage of Mind
    Clear Route A for Rein Qualified Period
    Clear the route for Yuno Feelings Ride the Wave
    Clear the route for Kanna Ride the Waves Feelings
    Experienced all of the endings All Routes Cleared
    Reaffirmed the poor sleeping posture of Ririsu Hmm......No......
    Saw all events of Ririsu Shio is Next to Me
    Chisa came to visit Shio~
    Saw all events of Chisa I Heart You
    Went to super senior (Chloe) Brother and Sister? Lover? Couples?
    Saw all events of senior (Chloe) Where am I
    Cook with Rein Shio is Cheating Occasionally
    Saw all events of Rein Alright, let's run!
    Went to see the fireworks with Yuno Amazing amazing!
    Saw all events of Yuno (and Kanna) Pinky promise, please
    Glasses were good anyway Glasses + Ponytail = Most Powerful Theory

    Contributed by: Guard Master