The first Jak game is awesome!

Jak and Daxter The Precursor Legacy was the first game in the franchise! And it's one of the best in the series!

GRAPHICS:For 2001 the graphics are superb! I don't have any problem with the graphics

SOUND:The voice acting is great and the musics are relaxing and awesome! The sound effects are also great

CONTROLS:One Word:PERFECT I don't have any complain with the controls at all

GAMEPLAY:Similar to most platformers you collect something that is important and that is the Power Cells! There are 101 Power Cells in the game! They are similar to Jiggis from Banjo-Kazooie and the Orbs from Spyro 2 There are also Precursor Orbs that are used as Currency(There are 2000 in the game)There are Ecos as well! Types of them:Green:The health in the game there are small green ecos and big ones! Collect 50 small ones for a big one! Blue:You can move faster and oper precursor doors and active some other stuff,Red:Makes you stronger,Yellow:You can shoot fireballs! Dark:Hurts you! And also there are the Scout Flis that are similar to the Jinjos from BK(Collect all in the level to get the collectible!)

Problems with the game:Jak 1 isn't a perfect game! It has some problems! Here are the problems

-Too easy to die:You can only have 3 green ecos! So 3 Hits and Die! This makes the game sometimes frustrating
-Unskippable Cutscenes:One of the most annoying things in video games the "Unskippable Cutscenes"! You can't even skip them when you play twice! This is so annoying

OVERALL:This game is awesome! If you like platformers this game is a must-have for you! FINAL SCORE:9,7