Mega Man Zero 4 Cheats For Game Boy Advance

  1. Hard Mode available

    Code Effect
    Beat the game once Hard Mode
  2. Unlock all 7 Mini-Games

    Code Effect
    Beat the game in Normal or Hard mode with a Level 0 Cyber Elf(meaning you must not even FEED her any E-Crystals) Plant Panic
    Complete Hard Mode Busy Basket
    Complete the game with an overall S-Rank Wood Chopping
    Beat the game with a complete Database Magma Border
    Complete the game without making ANY chip recipes(you can collect the parts and recipes, just don't make any of them) Elf Chase
    Beat the game in under 1 hour Hammer Harvest
    Beat the High Scores of all the above six Mini-Games Energy Laboratory
  3. Unlock Ultimate Mode

    Complete the game with the following:
    1) Obtain all 51 parts(having at least one of each in your parts list); these include Garakuta(Junk), S Crystal, and Ceramical Titanium
    2) Fully upgraded Cyber Elf

  4. Instant Charged Shots

    Do the following in-game to make the Z-Buster, Z-Saber, or Z-Knuckle shoot their various charged shots.
    Note 1: If you're facing right, "Forward" is Right on the D-Pad. If you're facing left, "Forward" is Left. Down and Up are always Down and Up. "Fire" is B, A, L, or R, depending on how you've configured your game.
    Note 2: This was tested using Zero's normal armor only. It may not work, or may work differently with Zero's other armors. A Hacker Elf Lv 7 must be equipped to make this code work.

    Code Effect
    Down, Down-Forward, Forward, Fire Half-Charged Z-Buster Shot
    Down, Down-Forward, Forward, Fire Fully-Charged Z-Knuckle(Forward)
    Forward, Down-Forward, Down, Fire Fully-Charged Z-Knuckle(Down-Forward)
    Down-Forward, Forward, Up-Forward Fully-Charged Z-Knuckle(Up-Forward)
    Forward, Up-Forward, Up, Fire Fully-Charged Z-Knuckle(Upwards)
    Forward, Down-Forward, Down, Fire Fully-Charged Z-Saber
    Down, Down-Forward, Forward, Down, Down-Forward, Forward, Fire Fully-Charged Z-Buster Shot

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