One of the best X games.

User Rating: 9.4 | Mega Man X8 PS2
I never knew a Mega Man game would ever be this good. This game is basically a remake of X7 and fixing it's flaws (Such as the slow gameplay and Axl's handgun). But don't get me wrong X7 was still an okay game just not as good as this one.

Everything about this game is almost perfect in my opinion. This game has 3D graphics and 2D gameplay (With the exception for 1 or 2 levels where the gameplay is 3D) And most Mega Man fans around here enjoy 2D gameplay. This also had a few cutscenes which all other Mega Man X games (except X3 (PS and PC version), X4 and X7) lacked.

This game has some great music such as in Gravity Antonion's stage. It really goes with the stage. The graphics are great graphics too. The graphics ain't blurry like they were in X7.

Bottom Line: This game is a must buy for all Mega Man fans. Even if you aren't a Mega Man fan you should still try this game out.