Such a great game,so far i have been playing for 120 hours and i'm still playing it.

This game has amazing graphics,sound and gameplay.Anyone who has the chance should buy it.This game makes your heart beat fast,for instanse if your a begginer trying to fight a yian kut ku your heart will beat fast.It is great two to four player .Its obviously a bit harder with a friend or brother or who ever because the monsters take a bit more of and they have even more health. A annoying thing is when you go treasure hunting you can only go two player and you can't go by yourself.It takes quite a while sometimes ages to get items to make to improve a weapon or make armour.there are lots of different types of weapons,well five,sword and shield,great swords,twin swords,hammers,crossbows.Theres lots of good quests to do.In kokoto farm you can do lots of stuff like mine ore,go fishing,plant seeds and bomb mining.You can go to training school where you train up.Theres loads of hard and easy monsters.To end my review i just have to say Monster hunter is a great game that everyone should get.