Mega Man X2 Cheats For Super Nintendo

  1. Diagnostics Test

    To see the Mega Man X2 diagnostic test, hold the B button on controller 2, then turn on your system. Keep holding until the test appears on screen.

    Contributed by: incrediblehark 

  2. Zero in the Ending

    There are two hidden features in the ending, which are triggered from different variables. The first and most obvious difference is whether or not all of Zero's parts were collected from the X-Hunters; if the player didn't collect them, Zero will be fought and a black copy of Zero will appear in the ''Thanks for playing!!'' screen, but if they were found then Zero will not be a boss and the real one will take the fake's place. Another difference is whether or not the player collected any upgrades from capsules - if Mega Man X has no additional armor, Zero will appear for a moment when the cast roll transitions to the boss list, otherwise he will be missing (hearts and tanks are not factored).

    Contributed by: Turbo Speed 

  3. Disappearing Enemies

    This will work with almost any enemy that can be frozen with the Crystal Hunter. Freeze the enemy with a normal shot then pause the game. Now at the pause menu select the X. Buster and hit start. The enemy that was frozen will no longer be there.

    Contributed by: Dark Zero 7586 

  4. Harmless Sigma/Red X-Buster

    To do this trick, you must have all of Zero's parts and the Flaming Dragon Punch. First, go to the last Sigma stage. Right before you enter the room where Sigma drops in, stop. Dragon Punch your way in and try to land where Zero will punch his hole after the dialogue. If done correctly, X will fall through the hole when Zero punches it out. When Zero starts talking, do not let his dialogue disappear. Leave it there until X lands in Sigma's room. When Sigma enters, make Zero's dialogue go away and X should be able to walk over to Sigma. Have X stand right by Sigma, and when Sigma begins to fill up his energy meter, Dragon Punch him.

    When the fight begins, Sigma should not be able to harm you no matter what he does, making it easy for you to conserve you SubTanks and energy for the second battle. Also, this glitch makes your charged shots look a vibrant reddish-pink color.

    It will stay this way until the second Sigma battle begins. Also, using the Giga Crush causes your X-Buster shots to go back to their original color.

    Contributed by: RandyPandy 

  5. Ken's Shoryuken!

    Megaman can use Ken's Shoryuken if you get all of the energy tanks, all of the hearts, and all of X's parts. The capsule for the shoryuken is in the third x-hunter stage (Agile). At one point in his stage, there is a ladder with many bats around. Use the Crystal Hunter to crystalize a bat to reach the ladder. Follow the path until you reach a downward path. Scroll on the left side of the path until X discovers a passage. You must be at full power for the capsule to appear. Dr. Light will give you Ken's Shoryuken.

    Code Effect
    Must have full power, all hearts, all energy tanks, and all of x's parts Ken's Shoryuken

    Contributed by: Bigboi971986 

  6. Passwords

    Code Effect
    3467 8843 3528 7651 All bosses defeated
    8277 8153 6728 7652 All Items (Except Zero's Parts)
    1462 3327 6488 3246 All Items (Including Zero's Parts)
    7366 7123 6188 3681 Start at Last Level with Full Power
    7146 3387 6246 1246 No Bosses Defeated but Fully Equipped
    7741 7232 3451 2747 Start a new game with Zero's Parts
    6478-3346-6724-7226 No armor, 8 heart , 4 sub-tanks, All Zero parts, 1st maverick hunter level
    1462-3327-6488-3246 All armor, 8 hearts, 4 sub-tanks, all Zero parts, 1st maverick hunter level
    6474-6347-6828-7223 All armor, 8 hearts, 4 sub-tanks, no Zero parts, 1st maverick hunter level
    1528 3834 3451 2281 Beginning Boss defeated
    6545 6864 3741 4551 Overdrive Ostrisch defeated
    6683 8282 1841 4426 Bubble Crab defeated
    6545 6884 3781 4551 Wheel Gator defeated
    1528 3834 3551 2581 Crystal Snail defeated
    7888 7232 4151 5446 Wire Sponge defeated
    8843 8282 3841 6426 Morph Moth defeated
    4528 3834 3454 2481 Flame Stag defeated
    3853 8282 5841 4446 Magna Centipede defeated
    6474 6357 4728 7226 Maverick Stage 1, All Zero Parts, all upgrades
    1462 3327 6488 3246 All Upgrades, All Zero Parts, Maverick Stage 2
    7366 7123 6188 3681 All Upgrades, All Zero Parts, Maverick Stage 3
    8377 8143 6828 7651 All Upgrades, All Zero Parts, Maverick Stage 4
    7366 7123 6188 3681 All Upgrades, All Zero Parts, Maverick Stage 5
    1172 3367 6188 3246 All Upgrades, No Zero Parts, Maverick Stage 2
    8267 8153 6728 7651 All Upgrades, No Zero Parts, Maverick Stage 3
    7276 7163 6482 3681 All Upgrades, No Zero Parts, Maverick Stage 4
    8221-3336-5351-2246 Have all Heart Tanks.
    7521-7232-1151-5626 Have all Sub Tanks.
    8181-3336-6351-2226 Have all Sub Tanks and Heart Tanks.
    6765 8222 3684 6626 Last Level with NO items, NO armor upgrades, NO power-ups. (All Zero parts collected).

    Contributed by: SSJ4 Stephen 

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