Not many words can describe this game but only word I can think of is MASTERPIECE!

Let me set the scene for you folk out theIr,
It was a rainy but yet exciting day as the day was the day I would be purchasing Skyrim and as soon as the shop assistant handed me my copy of skyrim I was gone in a flash to stick this game I, Myself and everyone has been waiting for.....Blah enough of my life story lets get down to the important things. The first thing that blew my mind away when I booted it up was the Shockingly beautiful Visuals that bethesda have produced. Sitting in the back of the caravan on the very first part of the game, I couldn't help but keep looking around at the beautiful scenery that was before my character it was like something i would of dreamt of in my many hours of sleep, even playing this MASTERPIECE now the graphics still amaze me every time I load up my game. In combat the visuals of spells and blood on my blade just keep amazing me and always get me thinking how can something in this day and age look so good! then I just had a thought Bethesda.

Moving on from the beautiful visuals which I dream about onto the actual gameplay itself, The gameplay on this game looks and works beautifully and pretty much fluidly as well a example of this would be me in a dungeon and at one point I was surrounded by 3 bandits and the way the character moved blissfully from executing one bandit from slicing his head off with a scissor like action to the next bandit when I would slice at his leg bringing him to the ground helpless to the next swing of my sword already covered in bloody and the spell of lighting ready to strike him one more time. What also amazed me was just the amount of things that you can do on this game, from forging your own armor and weapons to doing favors for people not for rewards or money but just for the sheer hell of it. Basically what I'm blabbering on about is just the fact that this game is padded with so much to do that nobody should never get bored with this because there will always be something to do. To me this game plays beautifully along with its beautiful visuals, gameplay and also audio which I could happily just sit and listen to all day long while watching the northern lights in the night sky go back and forth.

But the only problem at the moment which isn't a big iffy yet for casual gamers is the lack of XBL content, by lack of content I mean no content what so ever but to be honest the last elder scroll game had content but only visual content such as the horse armor pack and wizard tower which really added nothing to the game but just some visually fun things. Then I forgot to mention the big extra of shivering isle which was worth the points and wait as it added even more hours of content to this already amazing game but I'm sure Bethesda have something lined up for content.
So all I can say overall is that this game is almost perfect and is a must buy from Hardcore gamers all the way to the mellow casual gamers. If you have got this far read this dull life story I thank you and wish you a good bye and happy gaming. :)